How to Tie the Perfect Head Scarf

Posted on 03 August 2016

Combat summer hair woes with a statement headscarf.

While we love the heat of the summer, there’s no denying that the humidity it brings can wreck havoc on your hair. Fortunately Kash & Lana has you covered: we’ve compiled a series of sensational headscarf styles that will smooth over frizzy hair and protect your tresses from further seasonal damage.


The Twist


The classic “Twist” head wrap is a beautifully low-key way to disguise an unruly summer mane. We’ve chosen the organic cotton “Virgule Gio” scarf by Anna Kaszer because the soft fabric creates just the right amount of volume, and the intricate print pairs well with this sweet and simple style. Organic cotton is an excellent sustainable summer fiber because of its natural ability to wick away moisture, keeping you cool and dry.






To create this laidback summer look you will need a lightweight square cotton scarf, approximately 90cm x 90cm. Fold the scarf as shown above, and wrap it around a messy bun or ponytail. 

  • Place middle of folded scarf at base of neck, draw ends towards forehead.
  • Cross ends once, as if to tie a knot, and pull to the back of head
  • Tuck ends into the folded fabric around your ears.
  • Adjust look by pulling and tucking layers until you’ve reached desired aesthetic.


The Top Knot


Silky scarves are the perfect accessory to dress up a casual summer blouse, or enhance a sweet summer frock. Our Al Shakour silk scarves in blue or cream patterns feature bold prints in deeply saturated hues that are sure to liven up your look. The benefits of silk extend beyond its beauty; this smooth fiber will protect your hair follicles, reducing frizz by minimizing friction and reflecting the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.







We’ve presented two variations of this look, which require silk scarves approximately 127cm x 56cm.  Follow folding steps shown above.

Look 1:

  • Gather hair into low ponytail at nape of  neck.
  • Place center of folded scarf at top of head, pull ends toward back of neck.
  • Cross ends and bring back to top of head.
  • Secure in double knot, leave ends to hang loosely.

Look 2:

  • Place center of folded scarf under hair at nape of neck.
  • Bring ends of scarf to top of  head
  • Tie into loose statement bow.
  • Play with placement of either look to suit your style.


The Turban


Dress it down with denim capris and a tee, or go boho chic with a flowing maxi dress - either way this twist on the classic turban is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. To create this style we worked with the "Rings and Necklaces" scarf by Canadian designer Tilo. A blend of natural cotton and modal, this scarf is unbelievably soft and finely woven. This works well for the turban look, which requires a lot of fabric layering and folding, but should not look or feel bulky. 







To recreate the turban pictured above you will need a very thin soft scarf, approximately 183 cm x 102 cm. Follow folding steps shown above.

  • Place center of folded scarf above hairline, pull ends toward back of neck.
  • Twist each end tightly, bring back to top of head.
  • Twist the two ends together until they are one, twist into bun.
  • Tuck remaining end into front folds, adjust as necessary.

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