Conscious Qualities

What does conscious fashion mean to us?

Conscious fashion comes from the belief that commerce can, and should, change lives for the better. We believe that no matter how eco-friendly a product is or how much a company gives to charity, it cannot be considered conscious if it is not committed to the fundamentals of protecting human rights - providing fair wages, good working conditions and workersā€™ rights.

How do we choose the designers we curate from?

The products we carry fit into four conscious categories: Sustainable, Trade Not Aid, Handcrafted and Vegan. Below is a more detailed explanation of what each of these mean.



  • Using high-quality natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, alpaca and silk. Natural fibers are renewable resources and biodegradable
  • Sourcing and manufacturing locally to reduce the impact of transporting materials to various stops along the supply and production chains
  • Making items by hand or in small batches in an effort to slow the fashion cycle, as well as avoid the environmental impact of machine-driven assembly lines
  • Paying those who make their products fairly, which in turn contributes to more realistic prices that challenge the idea that fashion is disposable.
And much more.

Trade Not Aid

The goal of Trade Not Aid is to create sustainable employment opportunities that have the potential to permanently lift people out of poverty.
The labels listed under our Trade Not Aid category employ artisans and workers in developing countries in fair-practice environments. In many of these cases, it is about much more than paying workers fair wages. These jobs offer a way to preserve local textile, or for workers to acquire valuable skills that will help their families and communities prosper.


Our handcrafted section showcases pieces that were made by hand ā€“ a personal touch that is rare in fashion today. These highlight quality workmanship and help foster an appreciation for craft and artistry, and encourage the connection between the things we wear and the people who made them. Handcrafted is more environmentally friendly than mass-produced items and a wonderful tool in the slow fashion arsenal.


Products in our Vegan category are animal-free. Using high-quality natural materials with no animal fibres to produce them.

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